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Jason started to walk around,and got lost.Suddenly,he sees something moving and thinks it's a Sith.He then uses the Force to visionate the thing,and it turns out to be a droid.He then rushes at the droid,but the droid set up a trap.Jason got caught in a net.Then the droid appeared and said:

"Query:Master?!Is that you?!"-said the droid to Jason."What are you talking about?"said Jason."Affirmation:The Jedi Council sent me to help you in your mission."

The droid shot the net,and Jason fell on his butt.
"Ouch.Thanks.So,what's your name?"

"Replie:I am a HK-56 unit,but you Master can call me Reaper."

"Okay then,let's go."

They,left,and eventually found a river,where they found a droid.
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