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Ryshana had sensed that something was going to happen, but she was a bit surprised that it was Nic grabbing her. Before she could ask, she was instantly drawn back to the Imperial Base.

"Oh the Wookie Gods!" Nic exclaimed quietly "What is she wearing?"

"It is called a dress, my dear Mercenary Captain," Ryshana replied sarcastically. "Not that you'd ever be caught dead near a woman that wears things of such class." Before Nic could reply, Ryshana had already caught sight of where Beryl was heading. "Well, time to stick with the plan. You go find Cloud, and I'll go find Beryl. Besides, a touch of class might be required for my mission."

Patting Nic lightly on the back, Ryshana left him there while trying to hide the beaming grin on her face.

Heading over to the gambling parlor, Ryshana walked right in. Catching sight of Beryl, Ryshana made herself very inconspicuous. Finally, Ryshana came up with an idea. Heading over to the gambling table, Ryshana immidiately began to focus on one of the players.

"So, you wouldn't mind if we traded spots, now would you? Besides, your luck isn't holding up so well," Ryshana stated to a young nobleman.

"Yeah, well, this *is* a high stakes table. Are you sure you can afford it?"

Reaching into a hidden pocket on her leather pants, Ryshana pulled out a neatly folded stack of credits and handed them to the dealer. After exchanging the chips, the dealer handed her over 20,000 credits-worth of chips.

"I think so."

Slightly frustrated, the man grabbed the few chips he had left and stood up. Placing her chips on the table in front of her, Ryshana was now directly opposite of Beryl and her 'partner'. Looking directly at Beryl, Ryshana then stated, "Lets deal."

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