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Originally Posted by Tysyacha
It's Candalore, weakened from age and
his long years of war.
Bwahaha. That's Candy and Mandalore mixed up, right? Genius.

My vision of KotOR III is an open-ended game, something like oblivion. The galaxy is now recovering from the Jedi Civil War and the Jedi Order is yet to be rebuilt. The Republic, now aided by many planets, has a stronger base and people's faith in it is more or less, restoring.

However, trouble is brewing. A new form of Sith Lord has appeared, who can modify his appearance and has superhuman senses. He can impersonate anyone and is a dangerous threat.

The Mandalorians, who had formerly assembled on Dxun moved out to avoid clashes with Onderon and have settled on a temperate planet named Voring, in the outer rim. There, they have gathered masses of Mandalorians, ready to start a war.

The game will be open-ended and allow you to pick whichever side you see fit. There will be advantages and disadvantages, blacks and whites to every side, of course. More info later.

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