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Thanks for the feedback people. Keep sending as much as you can track down. Fortunately, the most issues reported by so far can be fixed. Expect version 2.1 to arrive within a week, so that we can gather enough feedback by then

So, don't stop sending feedback and suggestions. We had an amazing applause from the community so far, but ill keep the numbers secret for later on

Now, some short answers/replies both for PFF and LF forums:

shadow3dje The issue with the highest priority so far is the GC reconfiguration for rebs and imps, which can be easily done. As for the computer "crawling" you mention, it happened to me too (high-end installation), when too many squadrons are in a fight. It's a game-code limitation we can't do much for. Yet, one "solution" is to bring some corvettes to clear up the space or destroy the hangars of capital ships. Apart from these "cheap" solution, i would suggest either lowering down the video settings for that particular fight and not look the horizon with the camera while the crawl happens; finally, i would suggest upgrading to a Crossfire ATI X1900XTX (crossfire meaning that you connect x2 cards), a multiprocessor dual-core system and putting 4GB DDRII (dual channel supported by mothercard) ;D . Apart from this, if you see that you win the battle by far, just click "autoresolve". Just don't click it on the beginning cause it will be a disaster if doing so (autoresolve does not work as supposed too...).

@swgbex, darthcarth : The turn speeds of ships can also be take cared easily. As for the small maps (there were some complaints that cap ships were too big in the current maps), heh, we're waiting for a decent map edittor to remake all the 82 maps, like every other modder .

@Sith_Interceptor, PipfunatUT: A short note on ATAT and ATST issues. As mentioned in readme file, the headmounted of ATAT weapons are Anti-air weapons. As for the ATST, it will be tweaked properly (already enhanced against infantry but needs more we guess), but with the chance, we'd like to inform you that in the coming version we'll try to import SW Databank descriptions to most units we can find datas for .

@PipfunatUT: Could you give us more info? The royal guards did pretty good job slaughtering some infantry and even t2b tanks in our tests, until getting stopped by some infiltrators or rebel heroes...

@darthcarth: The ATAT is "balanced" in such a way that can easily smash 3 T4B Tanks attackin front the front. It can even handle 4 T4B tanks if their "power to weapons" ability is not activated. Obviously, if the play or AI attack an ATAT from the back, then it will suffer major hits until he turns to fire. Now, AI normally does not move the tanks around when attacking, but a human player will (obviously) do this, if he's smart enough not to let the ATAT face his tanks. Thus, it is general rule to combine a good force when attacking; sending an ATAT in wolf's mouth without adequate back (let's say from some SPMAT sitting some kilometers behind -also guarded well), is most luckily to fail.

IMPORTANT NOTE: It would be V-E-R-Y helpful if you could send us in the contact email (found in last section of README file) along with the feedback described here, some screenshots or even short videos showing the problem you are talking about. In your email just put a easy-referance subject (ie. bug: Piett rapid turn speed, imbalance: ATST no efficient against infantry). You may also copy & paste the description of the problem as posted in the forums, but do not omit to post the problem in the forums too, so that other people that face the same problem acknowledge that it's already reported.

Orao recommends using FRAPS program (uploaded to our site) to record in-game videos. It can capture screenshots too. Mind to turn your screenshots into .JPEG format, so that they are not huge (.tga format: 5 MB/image, .jpeg format: 200 KB/image .

Thanks again for the feedback

(this note is edited into the first post too)

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