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Ryshana could feel the shocked expressions and the large variance of emotions from Beryl. A very discreet method of technique quickly allowed Ryshana to partially calm down at least the adrenal glands in Beryl. The rest of the calming process would be up to her.

“Let’s see what you’ve got, sweetheart,” he said confidently to Ryshana.

Ryshana flashed the man a quick sideways smile as she studied him. Hmm, slightly nervous. He doesn't know what to expect from me, Ryshana thought as the dealer handed out the cards. Nobody may have made any faces about the cards, but Ryshana could still feel their reactions to the cards being dealt. Unlike most players, Ryshana knew whenever somebody was bluffing, when they had a bad hand, or whenever they had a good hand. Call it an unfair advantage or not, but it had aided Ryshana more than once in the past.

As her turn came to place bets, Ryshana raised as she knew that two of them would drop quickly with their bad hands. Lets see what you've got, Ryshana thought about the man with Beryl.

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