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Let's make this quick...

1: I don't HAVE the code on me. And if I did, I'm not even sure you or even I could fully understand it! If you want it, ask Razorace. In the meantime, considering that the guy managed to rewrite the entire JA saber system and has fixed legions of glitches in base Jedi Academy, I'm going to take his word for it. If you don't, that's your choice, but personally I think you'd be foolish to considering his credentials.

Or are you calling him a liar?

2: The fact that a weapon can cut through rock if it existed is painfully irrelevant when we are speaking in terms of gameplay balance.

The problem with saying that single can do as much damage is that you fail to consider certain factors, like attack speed, damage/time, and guard. It is true that red has great attack damage, but the problem is its attack speed is beyond pathetic, making its overall damage over time less than that of a fast, strong, guard-penetrating, and generally broken style with more defense like staff.

3: Excuse me you rat, but I never used the word 'impossible' in any of my posts by itself, it is usually prefixed by the word 'almost' ONCE to indicate great difficulty. Don't put words in my mouth.

4: See 1.

5: See 1. It also doesn't help that JA actually is highly random short of handing out certain bonuses.

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