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Originally Posted by DCorris
wile playing a land skirmish i had a problem with the atat
i was asking it to move closer to and shoot a laser tower, but there was a chewbacca and a t2b tank, for some reason, no matter how many times i told it to attack the tower it would stop and attack cheewbacca and then attack the tank, by which time the tower had almost destroyed the atat

i like the long landing times, but i think its a tad too long, if ur base is being destroyed and uve just built some units, by the time they get down ur base is pretty much gone
maybe it could be a little shorter
heh, at first i thought the mod was broken when units didnt come down at first
About the first issue it has to do with targetting priorities, which we didn't even touch. Probably, when a hero is nearby the ATAT will attack him. Apart from this, sometimes the games acts "weird"

As for the landing times, don't worry, they'll be fixed. We agree they are too long. One explanation could be that a transport ship has to bypass the atmosphere & start landing procedure, but we'll put aside that much realism in v2.1
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