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Ryshana stared back at Beryl from across the gaming table, as calm and collected as... well, as a Jedi. And Beryl took this as a sign for her to do the same. Or, at the least, try.

She took a deep breath, then discreetly looked at the cards in her ‘partner’s’ hand. He didn’t have a bad set showing on the table. His cards only totalled fourteen, but she had an intuitive feeling that the next card drawn would tip it over twenty and he didn’t hold any ‘saviour’ cards in his hand.

The other players at the table, seemed to think their hands were all worthy enough to call Ryshana’s bet. Foolish, Beryl thought. Whether it was due to some Jedi trick or just the luck of the draw, she had a feeling that Ryshana held more than one reversal card. So, when the turn came to Beryl’s new friend, and he looked to her for guidance, she gave him a barely perceptible shake of her head.

The nobleman sighed dramatically. “I fold,” he said, then grinned with satisfaction.

The hand played out and to everyone’s surprise but Beryl’s, Ryshana easily won.

“Good hand,” the nobleman congratulated Ryshana. “Shall we play another?”

“Oh, look how late it’s getting,” Beryl said suddenly. “I’ve really got to get go….”

“Nonsense,” the nobleman said, interrupting her and grabbing her arm to keep her in her seat. “Surely the nice lady would play another hand with us so that we have a chance at winning our money back.” He looked at Ryshana, and then the other players at the table in turn. “Yes?”

Beryl sighed. This day was getting longer and longer.

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