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Originally Posted by Athanasios
To avoid misunderstandings and duplicate messages reporting bugs/imbalanced etc, ill post both in PFF and these forums, so that everyone can keep track of the whole progress . Mind however, that the main thread (and which i check first always) is the PFF one.

@faded13: I think you really messed up with the XMLs somewhere . Run a fresh re-installation and DELETE any previous mods installed. Below i give you an image that everything works ok...

Space skirmish - Buildable fighters, Darth Vader squadron

@shadow3dje: About the Veers crawling, it may happen with other capital ships too and it's due to the fighters they carry as i said. One solution is to (temprorarily) set all video options to low, until the memory overcomes the bottleneck.

@swgbex: Just checked the turn speeds of capital ships and you are 200% right....till the v2.1, you can justify this by saying that the captain takes the turns with the handbreak on

@someone...: Im not sure if this is posted here or in LF forums, but someone said that Interdictor has a laser-battery hardpoint on its engines. just checked it, and no such issue spotted.

Interdictor laser-battery hardpoints on engines??

Apart from this, i was wondering the other day in an EaW site (won't say its name) and i fell on an image of an EaW mod (won't say its name either)....i just post it below to remeber what you (and me) were playing all this didn't we fix the scalings right from the first installation, remains a mystery, heh

"Towering ATAT" kidding us?

EaW: Total Realism v2.0

When i said back hard points i meant the back lasers hard points and they are shoot red lasers and the front laser hard points shoot green lasers.
Btw with scaling is this accurate scaling or made up scaling?


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