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I am intereasted in trying this mod out. Though I am disapointed at your choice to include the CE maps for free download. Here's the legal run down:

The maps were part of the CE from the US and Germany. Lucas Arts is a United States based company. U.S. copyright laws protect these maps because they are part of a seperate product, no matter if that product were to be 10 dollars more, or just a penny more they are still protected. In order to distribute these maps legally you must have written consent from Lucas Arts, it doesnt matter if you are in the process of doing this or not, you have to have it now once you start the distribution process. Im not saying I disagree with you though, I do think it is ridiculous to charge an extra 10 dollars for a few maps but that's just the way things are.

Also it is a disapointment to see you do this espicially after you noticed we were forced to lock a thread for doing this before hand.

But the mod does look good other wise.

EDIT: Im sorry Athanasios but Im going to have to remove the download link. CE map distribution is illegal. We will be happy to host your mod as long as you post a download link of the mod without the CE maps. Until then Im going to have to remove the link.

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