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Finnias Strife, proud Captain of the Royal Naboo Security Force(RSF), was pacing back and forth. There were Jedi in the Palace and he had a feeling that the Empire had found out. He had to prepare Theed for the worst. He had stationed multiple soldiers at different areas of Theed. He didin't expect what would happen during the Battle of Naboo.

"Don't give up." he said during the battle. The 501st Legion had captured multiple parts of the city. Then, the auto-turret grid that was protecting the Palace was destroyed. The Jedi that were in the Palace couldn't help going into battle to help Theed. They never stood a chance. During the battle, Finnias's arm was shot off. He had escaped the battle to heal himself. It was then that scouts had killed Queen Apailana. In the conclusion of the battle, the RSF gave up, Finnias went off-planet(unknown to the reat of the RSF), and the 501st became known as 'Vader's Fist'.


"I'm sorry, Mr. Strife." said Kylantha "But your father is presumed dead." "Well, thank you." said Cloud in sadness as he left for the bazaar. There, someone was having trouble with their R5 droid. Cloud decided to be a good citizen and help the civilian.

"Is there anything I can do for you, sir?" asked Cloud.

Freakin' sweet!
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