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Originally Posted by MachineCult
Exactly, you, and I feel differently, please deal with it.
What, is there something wrong challanging one's opinion on something? But, yes, we are all unique individuals (just like everybody else ).

Originally Posted by MachineCult
...I have reasons for it like you have reasons for IV being your favourite where I think it is an extremely poor film even with the DVD changes.
That's why I don't own the Special Edition DVD.
Originally Posted by MachineCult
The PT had Samuel L Jackson, Liam Neeson, Ewan Mcgregor, Ian McDiarmid and Christopher Lee, non of whom you could call bad actors.
That's true. But then again, some of them (Jackson, McDiarmid, Lee) didn't have as much screen time as the main actors, where I think one's acting skills would matter most. But then again, it depends on one's view of which actors and actresses have major and minor roles.
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