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PS1: One small note, everyone who's keeping an eye on LF forums too, i try to update both threads so that people dont have to move from one forum to the other and mess up with 10 explorer windows. Yet, some info (like the first quoted message) can be found only here in PFF forums, since the appearce of it is more easier to be organised.

Now, to start and finish the small issue with CE maps:

Well, for evey non-moderator/admninistrator, just calm down and don't send me emails "why?!?!!?!?!", "let's make a strike against LEC offices" and other stuff expressing your disappointment. Due to the great mutual understanding with the moderators (they handled lightsaber better than i could*), the issue of CE maps will be pulled aside until LEC decides to write down the 2-3 letters needed to say "Yes, No". It's a matter of bureaucracy and you may know how this stuff works.......they may answer tomorow, they may answer after the expansion pack is out, or they might not even answer and just send a couple of FBI agents in my house and put me in Al Katraz for the rest of my life making patches for their games

Seriously speaking, the mod is now re-packed without the CE maps and any referance to them. You may keep downloading the file from the main site. As soon as we get the "ok" from LEC or Petroglyph, we'll just upload the first package.

Now, to cheer things up, here's a short list of "numbers" we scored due to your support:

It's been ONLY 3 days from the first announcement of EaW:TR v2.0 and:

1. PFF forums: 1700 views, 90 posts (4 pages)
2. LF forums: 1800 views, 75 posts (2 pages)
3. SWR, Filefront, Heavegames: 300 views each, few posts (not over 5 but they're kind of "dead" forums)

And the best. Within 1 single day we gathered 530 downloads (only from the main site) ! Note, that v1.1 had gathered 280 downloads only after 2-3 weeks but its advertishment campaign was inexistent.
So, spread the word out, so that we end up playing MultiPlayer games as meant to be !

* PS2: The truth (the above is just for people's eyes) is that my lightsaber battery turned off in the middle i had both Pop and Cain.......@!#%$!@#$ batteries and they were just recharged!!
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