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Nic walked through the Market for about half an hour without any luck in finding cloud, No one had seen anyone by clouds discription. Nic continued walking through the streets, he was neuvous the more time he spent here the more chance of someone recognising him.

Nic suddenly got a funny feeling that someone was following him, he turned his body around but continued walking backwards in the same direction he was moving in. After a couple of steps he felt the barrel of a small hold-out blaster hit the small of his back.

"Please come with us Sir." The bearer said.

Nic obliged as a second man removed his weapons, The two men led nic down a few streets until they came to a large elegent house. Nic walked in and taken into a large room with an elegant sofa in front of a fire Nic was forced to sit down on it.

A few moments passed before Nic decided to speak up. "so did you bring me here for a reason or do you just do this for kicks?"

"They brought you here because i asked them to." A family voice replyed.

Nic turned with an extreme look of annoyance on his face as he saw a Women in an elegant dress walk into the room.

"For the love of... Carman why send your bully boyz to get me."

"Would you have come if i asked?"


"Then you have your answer." She said sitting on the sofa with Nic and looking at the two men who brought Nic. "Leave us."

The two men left the room.

"What do you want." Nic asked still annoyed.

"Oh it's just been a long time since we've seen each other."

"If i knew you were here i wouldn't have came."

"I'm actually surprised to see you here. After what you did."

"And i'm surprised to see you, shouldn't you be running your businesses on nar shaddar."

"That's all under control, I wanted a change of scenary."

"if that's all, i best be going i have people to see and thing's to do." Nic said looked around the room then standing up.

"I'f you're talking about that whore and twi'lek i've arranged for them to be brought here." She said. "i must admit your taste in companions has improved."
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