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Heh, the truth is that i did see the camera question but i was in a bit hurry to extinguish the whole CE-fire before it gets out of control .

Now, assuming you have wheeled mouse (you can assign keys to keyboard otheriwse):

1. Zoom in/out: Just scroll the wheel down (zoom in) & out (zoom out)

2. Change pitch angle: In other words, how to see from ground level, or 90 degree up-down, or see the horizon etc etc. Just hold Ctrl + Move mouse.

3. Birdseye views: Zoom out continuously for about 3-4 seconds (cant recall the exact value in code) to get the 1st birdseye view. Keep zooming out to get the (final) "extreme" birdseye view. Note that you must zoom out continuously to get these views, and this is done to avoid issues where a player would jump to birdseye view each time he zoomed out.

Hope that helps and sorry for my omission
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