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No, I am not calling Razorace a liar. In fact, I respect him very much. And I guess you're right, if I really wanted the freakin code, I should just ask him.

Oh, and about the never saying impossible thing, I don't know if you were target ing that at me or at StaffSaberist. If you were talkin to me, in all honesty I probably didn't quote it right. sorry. But if you're talkin to StaffSaberist, well, um...... okay im not going to say anything there except it would nice once in awhile if you didn't call people names.


Okay, this time Im just gonna state my opinion without attacking you, LV. Personally, although I deeply hate to admit this, I happen to think that staff is *slightly* overpowered, but this is because Im now used to playing against bots all the time who are so idiotic they cant tell the difference between a lightsaber and a block of cheese. Mostly I slaughter them, because they use single saber and I use staff. And yes, I hate to admit it, but staff DOES have the advantage of being a little faster, and because it has two blades, it is a little harder to counter.
HOWEVER, I still think that if you're patient enough, good enough, or just really lucky, you can usually win with a single saber. But you have to be really thinking. And besides, and this is my opinion, I tend to think that people who overuse staff are kinda cheap (im not harkin on ya, StaffSaberist, honestly). I think that only one person should be allowed to use the staff, not tons and tons of people. And it shouldn't be someone who can totally wipe the floor with us, but not someone who sucks beyond belief. And besides, Darth Maul's a freakin PANZEE!!

Off the topic: Have any of you seen the Spartacus movie? Cause I was just watchin the part where a bunch o' slaves are sittin up on the hillside, and the Roman guys ride up lookin for Spartacus. And it reminded me of that Pepsi commercial spoof of that scene. Man, I was laughin so hard!!!
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