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Originally Posted by hexo
everyone tells me the, mon calamari is stronger thsan the star destroyer , 1 vs 1, but i seriously doubt it, discussion around this plz,
Find out the same way I (and many others) did: Try them out against each other over and over again, and in many different kinds of tactical situations.

Originally Posted by hexo
also, alot of people use big utits against space stations, but instead try 15 squadrons of tie bombers, they wipe the floor with space stations, of course you loose some, but they take out there targets quick if they attack in numbers, any sugestions or questions?
The most Tie Bomber squadrons you can have in action at once is six, as far as I know. This would be via either six Acclamators (pop=18) or six Victory cruisers (pop=18), each of which could have only one squadron of bombers in flight at a time. Five ISDs (pop=20) would provide only five bomber squadrons at a time.

On a related note...Playing the other side - but using the same concept of shield-penetrating weapons - ten Corellian Gunships (pop=20) tear down space stations quite effectively, as well as everything else in space. And much more effectively than any 5 or 6 squadrons of Tie Bombers could.

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