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Originally Posted by Samuel Dravis
Anything that makes you get more score than them, or does not conform to their roleplaying 'rules.' JKA's MP servers are filled with that kind of behavior, with only a few exceptions... it's too bad.
Different servers have different rules, when you connect to them it's expected that you adhere to them or leave. It's just like any other game server out there.

Originally Posted by dtriniman
Laming is attacking someone whose saber is down and/or chatbox is up.
This is the definition of laming.

You were probably running around trying to kill people in earnest. In some servers it is required that you duel or partake in ffa in the designated area...commonly.

I lame all the time though not because I subscribe to the ctf romanticism that is abundant here, these "honor" rules can make things a little boring.

Again this is merely a point of view, some would tout it as fact.
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