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True, but the thing I love about the game so far.. is that I'm level 3 (by choice).. and have spent absolutely no time whatsoever on the main quest... I've used about 15 "game days" and have progressed through half-way between both the Thieves' Guild & Dark Brotherhood quests... and I'm Champion of the Arena. Currently walking (riding) over to Crowhaven to complete the Gray Princes' story (which unfortunately by dumb-arse got spoiled reading a thread I know I shouldn't have been reading over at Morrowind Summit's Forums)

I'm leveling slowly so I can see the leveled creature spawn list (something I'm not too fond of).. yah, it gets a little boring every now and then seeing imps and goblins all the time, but when I see a "new" creature, it makes it much more "zOMG what is THAT?!" experience.. hehehe..

Of course, it's taken me this long because I broke my own rule and started modding/tweaking a few things beforehand The CS is sweet, but I miss the preview window for model renders... ahh well, at least you can view creature/npc models and animations in their object file. I made my sniping zoom a little better so that the skill rank was actually worthwhile, changed the color of the night eye effect and made my birthsign I used in Morrowind since I'm playing a "relative" of the Nerevarine My Thief/Ranger-esque PC is quite the dead-eye, lethal at distance.. uber-wimp closeup. I tend to back-peddle alot...

I'm with Darth333.. I walk everywhere (when I'm not stealing a horse).. and I've used fast travel only a few times when I needed to drop some loot over at my overpriced hovel of a "home" in the Waterfront even fully furnished I think I was the one who got robbed in that deal.. hehehe...

Saving my hard-stolen pennies for one of the nicer houses

@T7, there's now a saddlebag mod for horses so you can have your "mule" now It's been a helping hand for me and I do a lot less fast traveling to drop off loot.

I'm liking the ranked skills too.. I too had a problem beeing spotted sneaking all the time until I raised to about Apprentice/Journeyman levels.. then your boot weight and movement doesn't affect your skill.

Water exploration (I was a big swimmer in Morrowind) was horrible until someone released a really nice water fog reduction mod. Now I enjoy it as much as I did in Morrowind.. though those clams seem to spawn a crapload of pearls. Pretty much an 80-20 split There's tons of water mods out already, but the Blue Lagoon one is my favorite. Makes the water clear underwater, changes light diffusion.. and sets the visible water surface a nice matching color so that you're not jumping into murky water only to find it crystal clear underneath..

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