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Flippin Awesome!

So I finally scraped up the cash to upgrade my graphics card and purchase Oblivion.

Needless to say I'm in RPG heaven. The quality is unreal, and I'm blown away by the Radiant AI. Hopefully I wont get too sucked in seeing as how I have a mod to finish and a fic that I need to work on as well.

I havent really found anything that I dislike persay, allthough I should probably upgrade my memory <playing for hours on end the loading speeds get slower and eventually i have to exit and restart my compie.>

At this point I've already completed the first mission along the main quest thread, and I'm just wandering around checking out dungeons and such.

The only sucky thing: all the guys in my house have become addiced as well, and I have to fight with them to get in gametime XD.

I did go looking for some mods.... but unfortunately "Planet Elder Scrolls" is a paysite <You mean I have to pay for peoples unlicenced work? wha the deuce?> Its not that much, but I'm against having to pay for anything that wasnt released by the originator of the game. I did find a funny mod on the other site (Oblivionsource?), it eliminates the "Barbie Effect" of melded bras on the lady characters. Good for all the womangz loving gamers, or anyone <me> who wants more realisim..... haha.


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