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I geuss that it was ok to see some indication of falling to the dark side (but that wasn't exactly any different from KOTOR 1)...but I almost felt that there was no point to it...other than your companions, nobody noticed - and when your companions noticed, it was like, "Hey guy/gal, you're falling to the dark side big time try to be a good person". I was always frustrated by this aspect of the game - if start to influence you to be a bad @**, be a bad @** don't come back with this wimpy turn back to light crap. That's why I hope that the influence system isnit used the same way again...Things that I would like to see happen concerning alignment include:

1. More influence over which characters would join you group - if you're LS no DS NPC's (unless it's plot driven) and vice verse.
2. If your alignment changes, NPC's leave if they are opposite aligned.
3. I would like to see the nature of the force power levels up change - I think that they should create a larger pool of universal powers that you choose from, and then award LS/DS force powers based on level, usage of powers, etc. (eg 10th level sith recieves force lightning > if used 50+ times @ level 15 granted force storm w/o losing force lightning...
4. Dialogue options that are more diverse for darkside...I loved the option on Nar Shaadaa when you can tell the thugs to give credits and jump in pit - just not enough of this type of thinking
5. Also more freedom in gameplay - I mean if I am playing a dark jedi and someone steps on my shoes, I want the option to be able to out my lightsaber and decapitate that poor fellow.
6. Two completely different game paths for LS/DS - does it really make sense that LS/DS would not only travel on the same road, but make all the same pit stops? I think not.
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