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Originally Posted by Darkkender
Compare these files the same way you would the ".utc" files. I'm pretty certain these files are designed to be overwritten. Have you read Svosh's readme? Because most of us senior modder citizen's tend to include what files can be overwritten from our previous mods. I'm almost 98% positive that the 2 "uti" files that you have above are exactley the same down to the texture they reference.

Thanks, Darkkender and LiquidZoo! I renamed the jolee file clothes04.uti and changed the utc file to reflect that. But what about the Juhani Files I mentioned? There are two of them (One named Dan13_juhani.utc and another named Dan14_juhani.utc) So I'm guessing that Svosh set up some kind of script to give the Robe. How do I merge the lightsaber mod with the clothes mod in that case?

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