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Originally Posted by ET Warrior
I say we stop discussing how sad your life may or may not be in a thread about battlefront 3.

You're also a super duper speller! And nobody is impressed if you cheat in games online. They may care, but only because they are aware of how incredibly lame that makes you. Also, using mod tools is about as similar to actually making your own video game (One that could even think of competing with a game even as poor as swbf) as playing swbf is to actually being a soldier.

As for my two cents on the topic: Do I think there should be a swbf3? No. will there be? Probably, because as near as I can figure, the only think LucasArts REALLY cares about anymore is the bottom dollar. Which game will make the most money the fastest with the least effort. And since no matter how bad these games are everyone convinces themselves that they're fantastic just because they're using a stormtrooper with a blaster.
You just earned your self a cookie in my books.

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