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Found something wonderful!...

I'm not very internet savvy, and until I found this site had never heard of "CVS" before.

I've still been having alot of trouble trying to get the CVS to work properly (everytime I tried to install Tortoise, the program would be gone after reboot). Just today I decided to bite the bullet and download each file from the repository manually . About halfway through cgame, which I started with, I noticed something at the top left of the screen, something about "downloading OJP tarballs". I didn't know what that meant, but I was bored as hell and figured I'd find out. Lo, and behold, I found something wonderful - has a tar file containing EVERY single file in the OJP repository . Just download it, open it with WinZip, and extract. Yahoo!

The latest version of WinZip can be found here.
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