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The entire point of this thread is how much of a difference is needed. And nobody has shown exactly how much.

And no, I wasn't trying to put words in your mouth, or take them out of context. You still say that you own the staff and yet it's nearly impossible to counter (happy now? ...), and it just doesn't work that way. Something as minor as a skill difference shouldn't need to be a debating issue.

The way I see it, it should be at least a little imbalanced. If they were perfectly equal, what would be the fun in the game? Staves, when used properly, can simply cause a challenge that needs to be overcome... and it usually can! Of course, it is equally unfair to handicap the staff and make it weaker. If that were the case, everyone would flock to the dual/single, and this thread would be in reverse, you saying the single is imbalanced, me saying... just about the same thing.

Of course you're going to run into n00bs who abuse the staff. My advice: find another channel. If people can't use the staff correctly, go somewhere where there are no stavers or only stavers that know what they're doing. But don't try to pin these n00b freaks' behavior on the staff in general. IIRC, there was a lot of arguing in JO about how "blue was imbalanced because noone can keep up" and "red stance is for spamming n00bs", and apparently how only yellow stance was fair.

In short, the game isn't quite fair - get used to it. It hasn't been since JO and never will be, though it's not so imbalanced that it's unbalanced.

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