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ships when u begin

When I am playing empire, and I play against 3 rebels, how come all the rebels spawn from one base, I would atleast thought there would of been 3 rebel bases, and they would all attack each other instead of ganging up on me.

Anyways when u first start and the empire has those tie fighters to begin with, and whatever the rebel has, how to I change what the rebel starts with, so he starts with atleast a few powerful ships first?

I ask because I downloaded the Super Star Destroyer mod, then hacked the heck out of it, made it possible so when I upgrade from level 1 through to 5 on the bases, that the upgrade happens on the left side so I can still build ships and not have to wait for some upgrade to finish so I can have more ships.

My destroyer is errr somewhat nasty, both the proton beam and the other beam do damage to whatever they grab.

Cant seem to have multiple beams coming out of the ship either so wonder if its possible.

Anyways thanks.


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