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Originally Posted by DarthVandar205
Its not necessarily the fact that people cant afford to buy a dvd player, maybe they just dont want to at the time.
Then that is their fault. If they don't want to get what is required to play a game, then developers shouldn't be expected to cater to them.

Originally Posted by DarthVandar205
and these retailers shouldnt be rushing people to use all this new technology until theyre ready.
They are rushing no one. No one is forcing anyone to buy a DVD player. But you can't expect them to always handle the lowest common denominator. DVDs are by no means new technology. The main reason you are seeing a switch is because the vast majority of customers have them.

Originally Posted by DarthVandar205
They just dont want to be willing to pay a little extra to try to please everybody by making games on both cd and dvd
Why should they spend extra (and it may not be a little bit)? They are a business, not a charity. They rightfully do what will make them the most money (and that includes pleasing customers), not worry about some guy who is too cheep to buy a $30 DVD drive.

Originally Posted by DarthVandar205
they wanna just make the majority happy and leave everybody else out of luck.
And rightfully so. In general, they can't accomidate every person. They have to draw the line somewhere. They may see that they do not gain anything by providing it on CD.

Originally Posted by DarthVandar205
With the money Lucas and those guys make on all that Star Wars stuff and considering how popular it is and how much people play their games im sure they can afford to make both types of games to please everyone.
First of all, Lucas has nothing to do with it, and Lucasfilm and Lucasarts are seperate companies, as are the other companies that make other SW merchandise. The money from one does not go to the other. Just because the films make X dollars doesn't mean that that money goes to making games. Lucasarts makes money based on the games they sell, and they have to justify their costs. They need to make a profit based on that. Plus, Lucasarts outsources most of their development to third parties, so much of the gross goes to them anyway.

And the fact of that matter is neither you nor I have any idea what Lucasarts budget is, and whether it is large or small.

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