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Lightbulb Idea for an avatar/sig!

I have been thinking about my avatar request and I have an idea of what I want. I will try and describe it for you! Its a small portion from King Arthur (if you know the film you will probably know the shot i am talking about!) The shot where Keira Knightley shoots the roman noble with an arrow, then walks up in a blue outfit. The walking part is the bit i want I dont know whether it is possible or not, and probably far too big for an avatar so a sig will be grand too!!! if anyone has the skill to do it or even an idea of what im talking about please let me know!!!! The film is British and I think the majority of you are American? So you might not even know the film but i thought id give it a shot anyway!!

this isn't something that deserves its own thread since you're simply requesting another avvy/sig. merging thread.... -stingerhs

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