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(ok here I come!!!!!!! )


Name: DL-TA112
Nickname: Rech (Recon)
Number: 122A
Squad: Delta
Squad Role: Team Leader
Weapons: DC-17 with Sniper/grenade attachments, Green camo armour, recon droid, comm link, red smoke grenade, toxic gas-filled cloth
Strengths: Leading, Reconaccise, Assaults, Defending
Weaknesses: Armored Vehicles, staying behind, Being ordered by supierior officer
Biography: Too lazy, but he has a deep red scar diagnol on his face


Name: DL-TA113
Nickname: Titan
Number: 122B
Squad: Delta
Squad Role: Medic/Support
Weapons: DC-17 with Fast-firing improvements, Bacta spray, bandages, twizers, grenade, white smoke grenade
Strengths: Covering Fire, Giving Medical Attention
Weaknesses: Recon, Demolitions
Biography: Too lazy


Name: DL-TA114
Nickname: Sleeper
Number: 122C
Squad: Delta
Squad Role: Stealth Rapid-entry
Weapons: Silenced DC-17, Gas-lined cloth, Metal Knife, Black Armor, Long-range binocular scope (not part of DC)
Strengths: Stealth, Rapid-entry, Taking out guards
Weaknesses: Covering fire, Leading, Massive armies battling it out in open
Biography: Too lazy


Name: DL-TA116
Nickname: Tech
Number: 122E
Squad: Delta
Squad Role: Repairing, Hacking, piloting
Weapons: DC-17 with grenade attachment, Fusion-cutter, comlink, Hand-held computer, time bomb
Strengths: Repairing Vehicles, ships, piloting, hhacking systems
Weaknesses: Leading, Recon, Assaulting
Biography: Too lazy

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