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Originally Posted by DarthVandar205
Doesnt mean they need to have ridiculous requirements for a game that they know alot of people dont have yet. They dont always need to make these games run on the latest thing.

If they make all games only run on DVD then yeah they are forcing people to buy a dvd player if they want to play those games. Maybe these people wanna spend their money on other things.

They can still make a few on cd for the people who wanna play it that way. Im not saying they should make the majority of them on cd, just enough to please those who still use cd drives.

So they can try to make everyone happy and keep people wanting to come back and buy more games. They need to treat their customers as people and not just as numbers in their checkbook.

Why do they always have to make the "most" money? Why cant they try to make everyone happy and just make a reasonable amount of money? Who cares as long as they stay in business and keep people happy and keep them comin back for more.

They can come pretty darn close to doing that.

Oh sure, but it still seems like there are enough people out there who still use cd-roms that they'll still make sometihng out of it.

Im sure Lucasarts still has to give Lucas some credit for allowing them to make games from his stuff.

The more people go to see the movies and the more money the movies make the more people wanna go buy the games and the more money the games make for Lucasarts to go and make other games.

They probably make plenty of money, most people will go buy anything for the sole reason that it has the title "Star Wars" slapped on it. Thats the way it was with alot of those old Star Trek games that turned out to be garbage, people still bought them just cuz they had Star Trek on em.

Theyd probably do better if they just did all the work on the games themselves and then they could make sure theyre done right because itd be their own ideas and not some ideas from some person that may or may not know anything about Star Wars.

Youre right but just the fact that Star Wars and all its merchandise is still going to this day indicates that it must be making some money.
LucasArts isn't a charity, why should they spend the extra cash (and possibly make the game more expensive) so a handful of users can play the game? As for your idea of treating the customers like people and not zeros in their checkbook, it's nave and idealistic; they're trying to make money, not kiss their customers' asses.

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