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Originally Posted by Prime
Of those that believe Plageuis created Anakin, can you guys answer the following for me:
  • If Plageuis did create Anakin through whatever means, why he would do so with a slave woman in a remote world outside the boundries of the Republic?
  • Why didn't he create him in a situation he had much more control over, like in his lair or something?
  • Why wasn't such a valuable mother and son protected from interference (i.e. A Jedi Master walking right up to him and taking him under his protection and delivering him to the Jedi Order)?
  • Why would he allow him to be a pod racer? Sure he is talented, but why put him into such a dangerous situation where he could be easily killed?
  • Why would a Sith Lord create a being that he must have known would be the Chosen One and destined to destroy his kind? Isn't kind of indirect suicide?
It just doesn't make any sense to me.
Those are very good questions, and I must confess that I cannot answer any of them with solid evidence, but, rather, with speculation and my opinion (which I hope is based on sound reasoning and logic).

I cannot answer why a slave woman was chosen, except that maybe P/S found her to be strong in the Force. No evidence, just a possibility.

I think they would have chosen Tatooine precisely because it is remote. If they had chosen a "civilized" planet, the Jedi would have sensed the vergence in the Force almost immediately.

As to the questions pertaining to the lack of control over Anakin, perhaps Sidious was counting on the Force to bring Anakin to him. He might have been wanting Anakin to be found by the Jedi, so he could destroy them from within.

I don't believe Sidious thought of Anakin as the Chosen One. Obviously, he would not knowingly create the means of his destruction. He just thought he was making a geat Sith Lord. Numerous biblical prophecies were helped along by enemies of the Jews and early Christians acting in what they thought was their own self-interest.

As I said, there is no evidence to answer any of these questions, but that is the way many things are in the Star Wars universe. That's what makes Star Wars so intriguing and so frustrating at the same time. You can speculate about countless things, engage in interesting discussions, and never come up with a straight answer. But at least you can have fun talking about it.

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