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Another bit of evolution filled in:

Scientists have made one of the most important fossil finds in history: a missing link between fish and land animals, showing how creatures first walked out of the water and on to dry land more than 375m years ago.,00.html

For the past 100 years or so scientists have made 100s of independent discoveries in different fields of science, in different areas of nature and in different parts of the world. Each of these has filled in another blank in the theory of evolution. None of these have disproved the theory of evolution or supported another theory.

Its like a gigantic picture that is slowly being decoded before our eyes... we can see the big picture now, but each subsequent discovery sharpens a part of the image in a small way.

The recent discoveries of the creation of new species, the evolution of eyes and the transition from water to land have pretty much filled in any remaining areas that had been unclear and the recent development of genetic techniques is likely to bring the whole picture into even sharper focus.

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