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LucasArts isn't a charity, why should they spend the extra cash (and possibly make the game more expensive) so a handful of users can play the game?
So those handful can buy the game and play it.

As for your idea of treating the customers like people and not zeros in their checkbook, it's na´ve and idealistic; they're trying to make money, not kiss their customers' asses.
Why not do both? Kiss their asses and make some decent money at the same time. Its not just one or the other.

But it isn't a ridiculous requirement. The majority of people have them already. And to make a sellable game, it needs to standout against other games. That means solid graphics, gameplay, etc. That means reasonably high end hardware.
Alot of games ive played tend to have real flashy graphics but their gameplay sucks. Some of the things they want to acheive with these games they could do through just having a solid storyline and good characters, the graphics dont always have to be top notch to get the people into the game if it has a story and characters that pull people into the game.

If people decide that they want to spend money on other things, that is perfectly within their right. But that may also mean they are unable to play the game. They need to decide how badly they want to play. If they desire it enough, they will invest in a machine that can handle it. They can't have their cake and eat it too.
They shouldnt be forced to make that decision one way or the other, they should be able to upgrade their machines when they feel like it not when some idiot game developer decides to move on to the latest toy. These people move way too fast they need to slow down a bit and let people catch up.

But making CDs is a rather large expense, and it isn't totally dependent on the number they make. So if there aren't enough people buying the CDs, the may actually lose money that way. But they will make that decision based on the numbers.
DVD's and CD's dont cost that much anymore.

The reason is that the company has a legal responsibility to its shareholders to make as much money as reasonably possible. So in short, the shareholders care. That is the nature of business in a capital system.
Then the shareholders need to be more reasonable and take what they can get, its better than nothing. Most of them dont care what they do to a company or its customers as long as it makes them filthy rich.

They used to do it that way. Back in the 1980's and 1990's Lucasarts developed may of their games themselves, and actually had a reasonably solid reputation as a developer (with games like Rebel Assault, etc.). But over time that quality diminished and there was a lot of criticism leveled at them.
That probably had to do with the kind of people they got working for them and those people just thought that they could come up with anything and it would sell just because of the name slapped on it. Lucasarts just got fat dumb and lazy.

They then turned to high profile third parties to develop games for them (Bioware and KOTOR, and Raven and JK2 being great examples).
Yeah and look what happened with Jedi Outcast and KOTOR 2. They both look and feel rushed and they didnt turn out half as good as they should have.

Actually, they do.
This is not logical. What you seem to want is a KotOR3 also capable of running on an old NES because many people in the world can't afford current generation hardware. It's stupid.
Of course I dont want it to be able to run on NES. I simply want these games to be able to run on a vast variety of systems so that even those people who might not have a top notch system can still find a way to enjoy the game. Some games have a way too high minimum system requirement.

Of course. I also want lots of free stuff. However, it doesn't work that way. I bring you back to the point above. Can't keep up, not anyone's fault but yourself. It's like being pissed because the requirements for a game are too high and asking them to lower the graphics and effects just so they can somehow cater to the ''majority''.
I just want games that can work on a variety of machines so that people dont feel so rushed to update their computers everytime they turn around and some new flashy gadget comes out to make their game better.

AND raise their costs. Doing it on a small scale will drastically increase costs for little gain.
Its better than not making any CD versions at all.

And they also do. However, in the words of my good friend Juan Pablo Rodriguez: ''There will always be whining.''
You can't cater to everyone and you know it. They cater to the majority or to their specific market. That's all.
If you have a game that runs on both CD and DVD, who's gonna be whining? Those are the only two things that run on the PC anymore. Nobody uses floppy disks anymore so its not like theyre gonna be whining that there isnt a version for them. You can please everyone in this case.

Because that's what investors want? I invest money, I expect to make the highest possible amount of money with it. I'll open a charitable organization if I want to help people out but if I open a bussiness, I'm there to make a lot of money. period.
Thats where the greed comes in, why cant people just be happy making enough money and not always have to go for the top or the very best? Itd be nice to get that yeah but I mean thats not always the best thing for everyone involved.

Probably some money will go back to Lucasfilms just for a question of license, but Lucasfilms won't get a share of the profits.
They still get money indirectly because people who play the games will go watch the movie and buy other star wars stuff and vice versa.

Doesn't make them not look for profit and it isn't entirely true. Some Star Wars games were less popular then others and didn't make much money. It isn't as simple as that.
Im sure this was more true in the beginning when star wars games first came out when people didnt know any better. Still there are alot of guilable people out there who buy games that dont read any of the reviews.

Yes, they do make money, but we don't know what their profit margin is, what their costs are and everything else. Fact is, their profit margin may be far lower then we imagine.
Thats a little hard to swallow. They may not be doing the absoulute best but it seems to me that theyre still doing pretty good. You dont have to know all the numbers and technical mumbo jumbo to see that.
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