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Unfortunately a LOT of gamers prefer flashy graphics to gameplay, just look at Doom3. Gameplay was so-so at best but hey it looked good and sold very well.
I think the story was barely good enough and theres enough people out there who like to just shoot things up that they just bought the game anyways. I guess they thought somethin was better than nothing.

Why? Why shouldnt game companies push the envelope and get better and better with the new technology?
They could just work with what theyve got and make games for things that are already out that alot of people already have so they dont have to go out and buy something new just to enjoy a game that could be made to run just as easily on something more simple.

Just because some people want to still use 26 year old technology in their computer (ie CD drives) doesnt mean game companies cant move on to DVD's and sell to those willing to actually move in the the 21st century.
They should sell things to those people who WANT to use DVD's but they should also have things available for those who dont want to or areint able to move onto that new stuff yet.

Again why? A DVD drive should be a minimum requirement these days. Same as at least a generation 5 video card, why should gaming companies had to lower their game requirments to be usable on 5 year old tech? or 7 year old? or even older? Its the 21st century, join us or let behind complaining about the fact you arent willing to spend less then a game on a piece of computer equipment that is a LOT better then the old tech.
Some of that old stuff actually lasts longer than some of that new junk coming out and there are alot of things out now that run on that old stuff that wont run or wont run as good on the new stuff. Everybody's so eager to get all the new stuff just cuz its all flashy n everything but they really dont think about all the drawbacks of it sometimes.

People arent "rushed" as you put it. DVD drives have been out for YEARS. They didnt just come out last week. As far as I am concerned games should be rushing publishing houses to move to DVD and leave CD behind.
Maybe some people have better things to spend money on.

Pleasing everyone isnt their goal. Making money is. It's called business.
Why cant they make money and please people in the process? Making money isnt worth it unless your customers are pleased. Not everything is about money in this world dispite what all the greedy politicians and big company execs might tell ya. Just because all of them are so filthy rich that they can afford not to have to care about anyone but themselves.

Im guessing you have no idea why shareholders hold shares right? TO make money. And as Prime pointed out it is the LEGAL requirement of a company to maximise profits for their shreholders.
Doesnt mean they have to do it at the expense of the well being of their customers.

Shareholders that feel they aren't getting the best for their dollar will pull out and go elsewhere with their money.
Hey, its their loss, I mean if theyd rather get shares from some greedy corporation that squeezes money out of people rather than a legit company that gets money the more customer friendly way then thats their choice.

If I put money in to a business and they turned around and said they were going to make "a little bit of money" rather then "a lot of money" so they could be "nice" I would sell my shares and take my money elsewhere
In the end then youd be the one losing and not them Heck, they might go bankrupt but hey they still have their dignity and they made their customer's happy too.

Well if u think about it if u cant afford a $30 dvd drive then u cant afford a $50 game.
Well, what if you have a tight budget and have to chose between buying a dvd player or a game, wouldnt you rather just buy the game and have it play on a cd player rather than having to buy both a game and a dvd player just to play it on? Sometimes you cant buy both and its more fun to have the game than it is to have a dvd player that you may or may not be able to play anything on.
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