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Originally Posted by jmac7142
Do you have any idea what that blue/red glow is yet?
Nope, but honestly, I came to the opinion that I don't care
The game can render those models just fine (duh), and that's the point here, isn't it? The same goes with the shadow mesh. I may not know yet how to use that to render a shadow, but the game does. All the modeler would need to do is supply the mesh, nothing more. So these are minor issues.

The main problem is still that I need to understand everything of the files.
I have figured out some additional data since last time, including:
- A collision box tree chunk. Certain meshes (notably collision and shield meshes) contain this chunk that defines a spatial tree that can be traversed to get a triangle at a given location. This is probably used in collision detection.
- Particle files (Pxxxxx.ALO) are not regular meshes. In fact, particle files and model files are completely different in terms of what chunks appear in them. Again, to create models this is not really important, but would be nice if figured out.
- It would also appear that it is also possible for a model to define what particle effects appear where. For instance, the ISD model defines what bones particle effects such as p_hp_imperial_damage.alo and pe_stardestroyerengines.alo are attached to.

And again, animations still puzzle me. So there's no revolution just yet

Too bad though that the mod tools will be coming out soon (if we can believe what we hear); looks like this information won't be in time to create our own converters or plugins. is offline   you may: quote & reply,