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Originally Posted by DarthVandar205
They could just work with what theyve got and make games for things that are already out that alot of people already have so they dont have to go out and buy something new just to enjoy a game that could be made to run just as easily on something more simple.

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Well, what if you have a tight budget and have to chose between buying a dvd player or a game, wouldnt you rather just buy the game and have it play on a cd player rather than having to buy both a game and a dvd player just to play it on? Sometimes you cant buy both and its more fun to have the game than it is to have a dvd player that you may or may not be able to play anything on.
I really don't see any of your statements as viable in the world of computers and the hobby of PC Gaming. You have to be able to upgrade your components or your machine on a timely basis or else you will become outmoded anyway, your statement is all a moot point because of this fact.

It matters not on what outdated mode you wish to install a game. The CD's time has passed, like the Floppy discs that came before it, time to move on.

$19-$30 isn't really that expensive for an upgrade, and no matter what statements to the contrary you post here you will have to either upgrade your PC's components or you won't be able to play the newer games anyway.

In the end game companiess are switching over to the DVD format, and it is something you and the other holdouts will need to adjust to, or your PC will simply become an obsolete paperweight, and rightfully so.

Just some food for thought.

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