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Originally Posted by hzh
1) how to change the time fleets spend to travel around planets in galatic conquest?
2) in file, for example, sapcecapital xml, there is the tactical health for each ship. so, what's the difference of changing this compare to changing the health in hardpoints xml?
3) In order to change the damage dealt by capital ships, should i just go to spacecapital xml, projectile xml, or the hardpoints xml and change each one at a time.

answer to any one of them is good.

1.) i think its called hyperspace time or something like that but it takes a little bit to change every unit

2.) u have to change the hardpoints health in hardpoints XML

3.) i think hardpoints i havent done to much of that recently but start there then try projectiles but im 99% positive that it does nothing changing it in the spacecapital file(i tried once made it from 45 to 500 did nothing)

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