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Originally Posted by ScorLibran
Corellian Gunship wolfpack > anything else

I wish I could remember who in these forums recommended this strategy to me, or remember which thread it was posted in. Maybe they'll come by and claim this strategy, because it's certainly theirs and not mine originally.
It could have been my post in the "Favourite land and space unit" thread. I chose the gunships for my favorite rebel space unit and used the term "wolf pack". Sounds like you're using them in conquest games, but they work just as well in multiplayer space battles. At the second tech level, the Empire just doesn't have any counter, and the third isn't much better. Even Boba fette isn't much good against them. Also, the corellian gunships can move straight through asteroids while the cap ships must go around.

Combine the power of the corellian gunships with the locked s-foils of xwings and I feel the Rebels have a clear advantage. That will probably change with the next patch though.

There's one particular player that I've played a few times, and every game has been won by the Rebel side. We just can't seem to break our tie. Too bad we can't both choose the same side...

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