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Originally Posted by RobQel-Droma
Inspired by the *cough* friendly *cough* discussion *cough* *cough* in the thread: Good KotOR idea. Do you want to stick with the Ebon Hawk, or do you want a new ship?

When i first played kotor 2 and saw the ship i was using was the ebon hawk I was pretty disappointed,because i never realy liked the ebon hawk in the first place. Its easy to get lost in,you cant use any of the smuggling stuff and its a rip off of the melineium falcon and is a complete marketing ploy.

I say they give you a new and improved ship that you have the abbility to pilot yourself. I want it to be an original never before seen deseign. Complete with new features and i want you to have your own custimizable room with the abbility to sleep in it and hang weapons on the wall.

Another thing i want is the abblitiy to interact with other ships. I want the ship not to be basicly a house/teleporter devise.

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