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I really don't see any of your statements as viable in the world of computers and the hobby of PC Gaming. You have to be able to upgrade your components or your machine on a timely basis or else you will become outmoded anyway, your statement is all a moot point because of this fact.
Everytime I turn around I find a game that I need to get some new upgrade for my computer with and its not just disk drives, its everything else too. I can barely get enough stuff to get my computer to play the games that are already out before a new game comes out that requires some other new gadget for me to get. These guys move way too fast. Its bad enough that I just got a new video card and I have to get some more memory too. By the time I do that the new games will want something else.

It matters not on what outdated mode you wish to install a game. The CD's time has passed, like the Floppy discs that came before it, time to move on.
All this moving on is what the problem is, before we know it we'll have to move on from DVD's to some other new form of disc. I just wish people would slow down just a tad and be happy with what they got.

$19-$30 isn't really that expensive for an upgrade, and no matter what statements to the contrary you post here you will have to either upgrade your PC's components or you won't be able to play the newer games anyway.
It is when you have to buy several upgrades plus an overpriced game to play on it.

In the end game companiess are switching over to the DVD format, and it is something you and the other holdouts will need to adjust to, or your PC will simply become an obsolete paperweight, and rightfully so.
By the time we get dvd players, the game companies will be moving onto some other medium. They need to stop encouraging and supporting people getting the newest thing so quickly. Theyre half the problem and reason why people do this. Nobody seems to have any choice.

Except that the shoot things up part was barely fun. So it just sold because it's Doom and it looked cool.
The majority of the game was shooting things up, but it still had a pretty good story. People are just so picky now they dont notice that.

Except that it won't sell as well. It's the reality of things. Besides, I like my games when they look really nice. If you didn't care about graphics, you'd be playing a pen&paper RPG.
The reason it wont sell well is because companies are only selling the new stuff and shoving the issue of buying things that run the new stuff down people's throats. They really dont have any choice but to buy the new stuff.

No they don't. Like I said, they don't have to release a PS1 version or something. It's how things work.
Same thing with movies. Who here has heard of a movie coming out on VHS lately?
Of course they dont, just about everybody who has playstation, has PS2. Even if they dont PS1 games play just fine on PS2.

Besides, my computer is 3 years old and I managed to get as much juice out of it as possible. It should maybe last me until 2007. Yeah, I twitched a few things, but if you do it right, your hardware can keep up for quite a while. To do that, I got a DVD player.
Its just that some of the new computers just feel more flimsy and look like theyve just been slapped together quickly and people dont take the care and scrutiny they did with building them like they have in the past.

Then don't play games because it is a rather useless thing to spend money on. I can buy a soccer ball and go out and play with my buddies. It'll cost me 50$ for a good ball and I'll use it for at least 2-3 years.
A game isnt useless to buy if you can play it on what you already have on your computer without having to buy something new for your pc.

Do you have a job or ever had a job?
I'll give you a simple example. You work for $20 an hour. Very good salary. You love your boss. She's great (she, because it's hotter this way :P ) with you. You want to make her happy. So one day, you come into her office and ask her to cut your salary in half because you want to please her. Hell, you want to earn minimal wage. You want to make her happy.
Will that happen? No way in hell.
I wouldnt do that. Id be pleased with whatever she was paying me. I would want to please her simply by coming in everyday and doing the best job I could for her at whatever im assigned to do there each day. If she wasnt pleased with paying me what she does then she wouldnt pay me as much. If she pays me alot then obviously ive done something to deserve that and have impressed her somehow.

Whenever I work, I expect to be paid what my boss promised me. $10 an hour? I get my $10 an hour. I also help out Héma-Québec sometimes with their blood donations. I do it for free. My goal is to help out. Not make money. I do it out of charity but when I am there to make money, I want to make money. It's not greed, it's getting paid for what you're doing.
You should get paid what you are promised only if youre doing a good enough job to deserve getting paid what they promise you. Theyre not gonna pay you that amount for doing a less than 100% effort at what youre doing no matter what they promise you. If im doing a job I want to get paid like anyone else for what I do but I also want to be able to leave there everyday knowing I helped someone and made someone's day better, if I wasnt able to do that then I really dont feel I did my full days work and just getting the money isnt worth it besides the fact that I have money to sustain myself.

I don't think it'll affect your "well-being" that much. I don't think you'll die just because of that.
Well you wont die but your life could still be miserable anyways, sometimes thats worse than dying.

Actually, they win. They make their money. Sure, you can invest in "cleaner" bussinesses but that does not negate the fact that you're there to make money.
Sure they win financially, but otherwise they lose. Making that money isnt worth it if you know that you got it from someone that got it through dishonest or immoral ways.

Dignity? You're talking as if they were forcing little children to make video games. By the way, they made a handful of customers happy. The rest of us are pissed because they won't release any games anymore.
You never know where they get the stuff they make in foreign countries from, for all you know it couldve been made by some lil kid there for 10c an hour. I doubt they do anything that cruel but I still think alot of these companies just really dont care that much about their customers unless they spending alot of money to buy their games. They put on this big show like they care but underneath all the warm and fuzzyness of it all theyre just a bunch of greedy people who want to squeeze every cent out of you that they possibly can and I wouldnt be as upset if theyd just can the disguise and actually admit that sometimes.

We're all on tight budgets, but we can make choices. I can buy two games(about 100$) and get short term enjoyment out of it or I can buy one game and a DVD player(about 80$). I can still buy my second game when I get $30 and I would've invested in the future. I can now save my data on a 4Gb disk and play DVDs on my computer
If thats all you had to get but sometimes new games require other hardware upgrades besides just dvd players and thats when it gets really annoying, especially when you just got done upgrading for the last game.

Those handful need to spend $30 on a DVD drive and join the 21 century. It's 2006 for crying out loud!
Why should they have to follow the crowd just because thats the way theyre going? Gee, if these same people were walking off the side of a bridge, should the handfuls of people just follow them because thats what everybody else is doing? I dont think so.

LOL, latest toy? Way too fast? DVD drives have been out for over 8 years!
If its not dvd players, its something else. People had trouble adjusting to dvds when they first came out. In reality dvds dont last nearly as long as people originally thought they did.

Uh, it isn't the cost of the disks that is expensive...
Then what is it? I doubt its the flashy box that makes people upchuck 50 bucks per game. People didnt used to have to pay that for new games of similar quality.

If companies screw over their customers, they go out of business.
No they dont because there are always enough guilable people they can con and brainwash into buying their stuff and most of them are too stiff to understand theyre being cheated. Besides the few that do figure it out the companies can usually afford to lose.

And shareholders have a legal right to expect maximum returns on their investments. If it turns out a company doesn't provide that, that company pays huge fines and the execs can possibly go to prison.
These companies can only do the best the can. They cant always be expected to give back exactly a 100% of what they are given. Its one thing if they got 100% and kept most of it to themselves but if they honestly couldnt make as much back as they were given then its not their fault cuz they did their best. No reason for someone to get fined or go to jail.

You want them to do that all because you don't want to spend $30? I don't think they are the ones who are greedy...
It always starts just being $30 for one thing and then it becomes $30 for something else and then something else and so on and so forth. These companies dont care because theyre not the ones who have to pay it all the time, if they did then theyd be singing another tune.

That was because of Lucasarts development timeframe requirements, not because the developers were lazy/not capable.
They couldve stuck up for themselves and explained that the time they were given was not a reasonable expectation for the game being completed. They couldve had more backbone. Lucasarts simply want the game out by Christmas weither it was done or not. They didnt care about the quality of it as long as they got their christmas sales. See, to them it IS all about money.

Because they need to pay their employees so thay can feed their families.
I think theyd feel better knowing they got money to feed their families in a honest way and not from some customer being cheated.

If they don't want to, then they are deciding not to play the game. That's up to them. Expecting to be catered to is just being greedy.
Theyre the customers, they need to remember that. The company is there to cater to their needs and if some need a game on cd rom then the company should make some on both so those people who want a cd rom game can get one. Its only reasonable.

If they can't spend $30 on a DVD drive, they can't afford the game anyway. Or they can buy the drive, then save their allowance to buy the game.
Maybe they can just afford one or the other. Its better to be able to get the game than have to buy a new gadget that you cant even use yet until you get the game.

That's fine. But then they shouldn't be able to play the game.
Oh so you would want to deny a person being able to play a game unless they conform like everyone else? I like being able to chose to do things when im ready and not having somebody force me to do it. I thought thats what this country was about anyways was choice, I guess the game developers dont see it that way. Theyd rather make you conform or leave you out of the glory.

But it is everything in business. The only thing. And that is what we are talking about here. Business.
Didnt used to be, sure they still cared about making money but not at the expense of the customer. They actually wanted to and sometimes HAD to care about the customer's feelings. Now alot of companies are so big and powerful they can afford to upset a few people because they know there are plenty other ones they can manipulate to get what they want.

But the employees and developers need to get payed so that they can feed their families. That is why the games need to make money.
Maybe the people who make computer games just need to buy something they can throw in the microwave rather than going out to eat every night and then they wouldnt need to make so much on games. People these days just spend way too much money on alot of things they dont need and then they whine because they dont have enough money and they only have themselves to blame.

They aren't. They aren't forcing you to buy anything. They are not harming you in any way.
If you want the game, they force you to buy whatever upgrade you need to run it. They practically make you feel guilty if you dont buy the game or the upgrade needed to play it. They do harm people just most are too stubborn or guilable to realize it.

They legally have to. All companies have to. They go out of business/go to prison otherwise.
If I had to chose between cheating my customers/squeezing them dry of money or going to prison, heck id rather go to prison.

I can't put food on the table and clothes on my daughter with dignity.
Depends on what you feed her and clothe her with. Sometimes doing the right/honest thing pays more in the end than doing the dishonest/greedy thing. Even if you cant feed or put clothes on her, at least you can teach her something and let her see how honest and good you are, that can be just as good as her having food and clothes sometimes.

And the customers won't be happy, because they would get no more games.
Theyd just be happy they got the ones they do have and theyd just go somewhere else to get new games if they wanted any. Theres plenty of game companies around.

You can always buy both. You can buy one and then save up for the other. Why do you have to get both at the same time? That's just greedy!
Why not just be able to buy the game and skip the upgrade until you really need it?
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