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I don't think you've read clearly. I have a 3 years old computer that can run most games. I have a good video card that will survive at least another year. How does that equate to companies "forcing" me into buying the latest hardware? How the hell do I play with this old computer? No, I don't have the latest hardware, don't have the money for. Whenever games come out, they don't require the latest hardware. No one company is stupid enough to do that. It's not like HL2 needed the latest Radeon card to run or else you won't play the game. That would cost you over $500.
They require decent hardware to run. That's why I can still run new games.
So yeah, if 2 years ago, you bought very outdated hardware and now you wonder why suddenly you need to upgrade, wake up.

Newer computers seem more fragile? Not as carefully built? I built my own tower with as much care as I ever did and I maintain it carefully too. I don't see how it has anything to do with the subject. If you somehow have an emotional connection with an old outdated sound card...

Also, you've never had a job obviously. All that you've said are idealistic mumbo jumbo that are far from the reality. Get a job, see if it's really as nice as you make it sound.

Now, it is not about a question of format, it's about you disliking capitalism and the idea of making money. You've also called us idiots for upgrading our hardware. Gullible for obeying the companies who want us to buy a new video card every year. But who does that except for the very rich folks? We buy a new video card every once in a while (usually over 2 years). Yes, that's a very short amount of time, I want the latest hardware! -A friend of mine and an aspiring filmmaker.
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