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The JLF Clan is expanding

Hi guys I'm a Consul of the JLF Clan (Jedi Liberation Front) we are expanding our clan just born, and need new recruits, we are already 30 members in the first week of life on the Clan, the half of us is from the old JoH Clan and we decided 2 make a new 1
Our server ip is: and the forum:
If u are interest in visit us and wanna try 2 join u have 2 post ur quest in the application section.
Im 1 of the 8 of the Council we lead the clan there isnt only 1 leader, our ranks are subdivided in:

-First rank, the trial member with the [I] tag,this is ur first rank when u join, no admins power a rank made 2 test ur ability

-Second Rank, the padawan [P] also this rank hasnt admins power with this tag u are definitly welcome in our clan

-Third rank, the Knight/Sentinel with tag [K] or [S], this is the first admin level and ur are called 2 choose if u are more inclined 2 be a good duelist[K] or admin[S].

-Fourth rank is the second level of admin; if u had choosen the Knight way ull be a warrior, if u had choosen the admin way[S] ull be a Guardian

-Fifth rank, the master[M] here after ur first chooses all become M and we'll see if give u a special rank by the services u made for the clan.

-The last rank u can arrive at is the Consul[C] wich is the more difficult, only with the time and the serveices u do for the clan u can become a Consul wich would be:

-Consul of Justice[CoJ] if u demostrated u are interested at hold clear server from lamers and punish the abusers also in the clan
-Consul of State[CoS] if u treated the foreign business of the clan or tried 2 get an alliance
-Consul of Recruiting[CoR] if u are choosed for ur ability 2 be good at it
-Consul of High Tactics[CoAT] if u are a master duelist and can bring a padawan 2 train
Then we have the last Order: the High Consul, we have four HC but i dont think there will be others promoted at this rank.
Im <JLF>RAG[CoS], how i said u can contact us on the forum and visiting us on the server, for every question this is my mail/msn:
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