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1.The Hawk
Its good but to be fair the Hawk has had its day really unless they change it dramaticley then its kinda dull.
2.Recycled characters.
Ok like 4 would be ok but not all like i would like to see what happened to most of the characters like Carth and Bastila but i didnt really care for hanhar or mission or Visas so some but no all.
i mean for gods sake its pritty much exactly the same as before
no fun without the tombs(TSL).
5.Moaning old women
Kreia was so aragent she was saying that the dark side isnt good then she got mad for u being nice sheesh.
6.Not all force users
not all the characters to use the force like in TSL got really dull and they where always quite weak ikn the force because u had to get alot of influence to talk about it
Bad Idea!go back to Kotor1 gain exp so u could go around killing instead of like waiting for ages.
8.Kotor1 robes
i like the TSL robes because they looked better but maybe if they murged the two together so you can have it with or without the like robes and have a hood
9.Wounds in the force
make it better than that all TSL was about is that.
10.Force Ghosts
holocrons are ok but not ghosts.
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