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Originally Posted by Chase Windu
He used lightning but it was deflected lightning and he was deflecting it back at Dooku and Palpy.

I haven't been keeping up with the EU because most of my interest in it died with Chewbacca in that f-ed up NJO crap. So what's all this about "electric justice"? I hopw you're kidding.
I'm not joking, but I got the name wrong. Apparently it's called "Electric Judment" or even "Emerald Lightning." Sadly, I don't have any official sources, only mentions of it on wikipedia (non-canon). But I've heard from people that these powers are demonstrated in the NJO series by Luke Skywalker and others. So it's not just the games (assuming this is correct) who show "light side" Jedi (non-sith) using the power.

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