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RE: the interdictor stuff - I agree that an interdictor in the SW universe is a type of ship that carries gravity well generators it can employ to pull ships out of hyperspace. It's just when I see people capitalize the first i in interdictor then I assume they are referring to a specific class of ship. For instance, the USS Enterprise and the USS Ronald Reagan are both aircraft carriers (same type) but are different aircraft carrier classes, respectively Enterprise-class and Nimitz-class. In the SW movies you have Venator-class and Imperial Star Destroyers. Both are attack cruisers but are based on different designs. Of course the same rules may not apply in the SW universe but like I said, this is only so much hair-splitting on my part. I just didn't see the Leviathan being of the same design as the movie-era Interdictor-class ships although it is a hyperspace interdictor.

Originally Posted by machievelli
“Okay, I give up. I’ll talk!” I sighed, and inside of me I felt a pustule of hate burst. “I could really use someone to talk to about it.” She watched me silently. “When I think of everyone who betrayed us, the one that stands out above all the others is Saul.”
The first passage is from Danika's POV, right? It seems like you switch to relating it from Carth's POV but don't indicate you've made that change anywhere. I had to read the first section's dialogue between Carth and Danika a couple of times before I figured it out.

Looking forward to more of the story!

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