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Originally Posted by Bomberman65
If you had one Commando vs. one Spartan who do you think would win and why??
As far as combat skills are concerned, with Republic Commandos being grown and trained at accelerated rates, and a Spartan II soldier being trained non-stop since age 6, I'd say that they're even.

I think a squad of 4 RC's would be an even match for a Spartan. RC's have a number of advantages though. Nevermind the weapons and ammo counts represented in the game; 4 guys can carry more gear into battle than just 1 (4 guys that are probably just as resourceful as a Spartan II.) RC Katarn armor protects reasonably well against most types of damage. and with all the other specialaized gear that they can carry, it's no wonder that they're the best commando force in the SW galaxy.

On the other hand, Spartans are tough . Genetically and cybernetically enhances with stronger bones, better hearing and vision, and faster reaction times, Spartans in Mjolnir armor have been known to drop out of aircraft at 40,000 feet with no parachutes of any kind and still land intact. they do that in the 3rd Halo novel, but if you've played halo 2, you can fall from any height without damage, provided the fall isn't endless or anything.

Their armor further enhances a Spartan's strength and reaction times (in game, you can flip overturned warthog LRV's, even tanks.) Their weapons may be a little bit more low tech (if you discount Covenant plasma weapons), but a key advantage to their armor was always the fact that they could house AI networks (the Master Chief had Cortana piggybacked in his armor.) It allows for a Spartan to be able to go into combat and have reliable intel when there hasn't been any reconaisance. For instance, I wouldn't be suprised if an AI like Cortana could hack into an RC squad's radio so that the spartan could listen in.

So yea, in short, RC's are not dumb, there are four of them and one of the Spartan, have powerful weapons and have more options available in figuring out how to engage a Spartan soldier. Spartans and just as intelligent, have better armor, and has an AI built into the armor to further extend his or her eyes and ears.
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