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Some Content

Here's some stuff you can feel free to use, Kurgan (I haven't played the game in a while so I'm going off memory, forgive some error in details):


DC-17M (Blaster Attachment)

Strategy for: Dodge continuously side to side, up and down, but make sure to keep firing and adjusting the aim for your evasions. If you are moving it will hurt your enemy aim more then yours. Reload at every convenience, you need to hit with as many shots as fast as possible with this weapon, so having a full clip ready versus a half clip can make the difference.

Strategy against: Again, evasion is important. You have to be able to deal damage faster then the other person, or attrition will wear you down.

DC-17M (Sniper Attachment)

Strategy for: I donít have much to add here, Iím horrible with the sniper. The thing that best works for me is to find some high ground that is not easily noticed in a wide area, and try to pick off anyone who doesnít notice me.

Strategy against: Iím pretty bad against the sniper too, but I guess the best defense is to avoid good sniper areas, and to make yourself as difficult a target as possible.

DC-17M (Anti-Armor Attachment)

Strategy for: This oneís pretty easy. Donít waste ammo, and donít stand too close when you use it.

Strategy against: Stand too close when they use it.


Strategy for: The key advantage to this weapon is the enhanced run speed. Especially in Assault and CTF I like to hang on to this in addition to the weapon I'm primarily using, so that I can have the extra speed when I need it. As for attack, find something better. If you really have no other option, I guess the best advice is go for the head.

Strategy against: Donít let them sneak up on you, look around as you go. Shoot them first.

ACP Repeater Gun

Strategy for: See Blaster Attachment

Strategy against: See Blaster Attachment

ACP Array Gun

Strategy for: Sneak up on your enemies. Donít take the first shot you get, wait until you are at point blank range and can get the one hit kill. Try not to let the other person notice you. Also useful for narrow areas where it canít be avoided easily.

Strategy against: Keep the other guy as far away as possible. Be aware, donít let anyone get the drop on you.

LJ-50 Concussion Rifle

Strategy for: Donít underestimate its melee abilities. It is one of the best melees, especially due to the fairly low ammo count and explosive nature (if they are close the main attack will kill you too). Aim for the ground or walls near the person rather then the person itself. If you miss when aiming at the person you are unlikely to hit them, but if you miss your target near them, you are still likely to at least do good damage.

Strategy against: Pay attention to where the shots hit and move away. Try to keep close enough that they canít shoot you without killing themselves, but watch out for the melee. Staying just out of melee range or to the sides/back of the person are safe places.

LS-150 Heavy Repeater

Strategy for: Keep it reloaded. Having to reload in the middle of a fight is likely get you killed (very long reload time). Keep an eye out for grenades. You have to move right away to get to safety from a well-placed grenade.

Strategy against: Use grenades to exploit the slow running speed. Use a weapon that can take the other person down in one or two shots, you wont be able to survive a long battle.

Wookiee Bowcaster

Strategy for: Practice a lot, this is a difficult weapon to master. Keep it on full charge, ready to go at all times. Aim carefully, you are likely to get only one or two good shots, make them count and it is a very good weapon.

Strategy against: Donít make yourself a good target. Try to stay out of a range and area where a scoped shot is effective, but stay far enough that you are a more difficult target to hit unscoped.

Wookiee Rocket Launcher

Strategy for: Be patient, get a targeting lock. Stay out of ďsuicide rangeĒ. Watch out for grenades. Donít get the full lock, firing all your rockets is 99.9% of the time (at least) a complete waste. If you have to fire without a lock, aim for the feet.

Strategy against: Get in close fast. Use obstacles to block homing rockets. Use grenades to exploit reduced speed.

Also, feel free to use anything I posted in any other thread here.

If anyone has any pictures of floorplans for some of the maps, I'd be happy to make some kind of guide with recommended routes and key points for defenders in Assault and CTF. I might even put in some key weapons locations.

Yeah, you'd think the Emperor had come back to life or something.

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