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Exclamation Battle of Endor Space Map CTF

Hi everybody, this is Arda. I'm mapper of the Battle Of Endor CTF map. It s my first mapping experience indeed. We have created this map with Tim in about two mounths. Design concept, drawing, lightning parts belong to me and the preparing of skybox, extra visual efects, textures optimization and many other things are made by Tim. Also we made use of certain offical maps. We tried to depend on the movie as possible as we can. I want to thank Tim for his greatful help, advices and supporting. I thought the map for KOTF mod. So it will be with the KOTF. We tested map about 4-6 hours before our relasing screenshots and trailer video of the map. its fps is realy good. Because we didn't use any unnecessary fx effects. We'll test it with more player later. For more information please visit this link:

for trailer video direct download:
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