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Originally Posted by Kurgan
Yeah, but "Sith Lightning" can be good in the games, and in the EU they just call it "electric justice" or some other such crap. It really doesn't make any sense.
You're right it doesn't make any sense.

Originally Posted by Kurgan
All we know from the movies is that only two guys use lightning and it's bad. Oh wait, but Yoda used it [Insert angry fanboy saying that Yoda didn't "really" use lighting, he only reflected back, being the good non-violent fighter that he supposedly is]
Not this again!

Originally Posted by Kurgan
There's so much confusion and lack of consistency in the Star Wars universe now. It's really there because Lucas decided to let his EU team do what they wanted, then he just decided to bulldoze it for the prequels, and instead of restarting the EU (which I think they should do now) he left them to try to make it all "fit" somehow. It's a big mess.
Basically the only way to look at it now is to view the EU and movie worlds as seperate entities (as Lucas suggests).

Obviously restarting the EU isn't going to happen (as desirable as it would be). I suggest LL uses a liberal use of the Infinities tag on most/all the stories that have major problems as a result of the movies. I don't have a problem with many of the EU stories existing, and I'm not saying they are good or bad (there is a lot of both). But shoehorning a story that doesn't fit because of major continuity issue into the continuity just cheapens both that story and the overall universe. Remove them from the timeline and let them exist as seperate stories as Infinities.

That being said, perhaps the Infinities label isn't really necessary. Star Wars has a canon hierarchy, from g-canon to c-canon on down. By all accounts the higher canon trumps the lower canon. So why aren't many of these stories be default removed from canon (retcons not withstanding)?

In an overly simplified view:

g-canon: Immortality (force ghost) state can only be achieved through selflessness, etc. and correct me if I'm wrong Qui-Gon was the first to discover it. Gone: all those Sith ghosts/spirits, Palpatine's return, etc.

g-canon: Lightning is a sith dark side power. Gone: all those lightside lightning stories.


Originally Posted by Chase Windu
I haven't been keeping up with the EU because most of my interest in it died with Chewbacca in that f-ed up NJO crap. So what's all this about "electric justice"? I hopw you're kidding.
Oh no. It's all good in the EU! I'm not sure of the original source, but it is mentioned as being used by Plo Koon (a Jedi Council member!) in the New Essential Guide to Characters. Apparently he uses this "controversial" lightning. I think it is a different colour too, green I think. LOL, apparently that matters.

Never mind the fact that g-canon says that only the Sith use lightning...

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