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Originally Posted by Prime
You're right it doesn't make any sense.

Not this again!
I just had to throw it in or else somebody else would, you know it would happen!

Obviously restarting the EU isn't going to happen (as desirable as it would be).
It might seem a radical move, but I don't see why they couldn't do it, if other franchises have. I mean Star Trek still sells their novels and stuff even though none of it is considered canon. Marvel maintains multiple lines of continuity with their characters and has restarted certain lines like Spider-Man.

I suggest LL uses a liberal use of the Infinities tag on most/all the stories that have major problems as a result of the movies. I don't have a problem with many of the EU stories existing, and I'm not saying they are good or bad (there is a lot of both). But shoehorning a story that doesn't fit because of major continuity issue into the continuity just cheapens both that story and the overall universe. Remove them from the timeline and let them exist as seperate stories as Infinities.
Yeah, but which ones to label infinities? Essentially labelling something Infinities is to decanonize it. That's no big deal. It's not as "radical" a solution as I'm proposing, since mine would decanonize the entire EU and just start it fresh (movies are the foundation everything else they can make up from there and make it fit this time).

That being said, perhaps the Infinities label isn't really necessary. Star Wars has a canon hierarchy, from g-canon to c-canon on down. By all accounts the higher canon trumps the lower canon. So why aren't many of these stories be default removed from canon (retcons not withstanding)?
Yeah I don't know. Maybe they feel that if its thought to be part of the "real story of Star Wars" fans will be more likely to buy it (they forget how in other franchises non-canon stuff still gets bought because people either collect it, or they just like stuff connected to the franchise... I mean do they assume people buy Darth Tater and those superdeformed characters or the SW transformers because they are part of the "real story"?). Infinities is a gimmick because it's like "oh wow, some crazy stuff they couldn't possibly depict otherwise!" I think they have created this mystical reputation with fans that these are holy writings that were fact checked through Lucas's super computer to prevent inconsistencies. Since that's really just a myth, yeah, why should it matter? A person reading it just has to remember the movie and go "oh, well this part obviously wouldn't happen, but I can still enjoy it on its own merits" but I guess they think people are either too stupid or too lazy to do that. I don't think it's a bad thing, I think the fans can "handle it" they should just admit it doesn't all fit together perfectly, and maybe it's easier just to restart it. Then they can have their "it all fits together you know" attitude without all the clutter.

In an overly simplified view:

g-canon: Immortality (force ghost) state can only be achieved through selflessness, etc. and correct me if I'm wrong Qui-Gon was the first to discover it. Gone: all those Sith ghosts/spirits, Palpatine's return, etc.
Yeah, sounds good. They could try and weasle their way out of the last part by claiming that Palpatine DOES figure out Plagueis's secret (and he really did know how to cheat death, Palpy didn't just make that part up... though one still wonders why Plagueis didn't use it himself to survive his own murder) and used it to come back. But yeah, I wasn't very partial to that story either, it's such a comic book cliche to kill off a villian and then bring him back, multiple times.

g-canon: Lightning is a sith dark side power. Gone: all those lightside lightning stories.


Oh no. It's all good in the EU! I'm not sure of the original source, but it is mentioned as being used by Plo Koon (a Jedi Council member!) in the New Essential Guide to Characters. Apparently he uses this "controversial" lightning. I think it is a different colour too, green I think. LOL, apparently that matters.

Never mind the fact that g-canon says that only the Sith use lightning...
It does? I only recall that one bit from the original ROTJ novel that depict Luke being "shocked" by the "corruption" of such a power... is that what you mean? Or calling it "evil lightning." (Maybe I'm confusing part of the AOTC novelisation).

That's another pet peeve I have. See in your above quote, you mention this incident, which is just one more in the huge pile that basically says all these Republic era Jedi were "mavericks" and people bordering on the Dark Side. It's like they assume that because they've made Luke and Kyle Katarn into these easily tempted, flirting with the Dark Side of the Force, "break the rules and make up their own" kind of guys, that now all Jedi are like this. The Prequels portray all the Jedi, other than the obvious turncoat Anakin and the stubborn Qui Gon as fairly straight-laced, even complacent individuals. Now suddenly we've got Jedi sleeping around and having kids, using forbidden lightsaber styles, using the Dark Side, being controversial, voting Green Party. It's insane! I mean, okay, so they're trying to give characters more "depth" by making them edgy. Remember that Yaddle character who looked like Yoda with hair in Episode I? She smoked death sticks behind the Temple. And she cussed. A LOT! Remember that long necked guy? Porn addict... big time! That female Jedi with the weird headdress? Used the Force to seduce people, including Jar Jar Binks once! (and erased his memory afterward)

But nevermind, you never knew all that 'cause they kept it a secret, and they all died.

Gee wiz! Palpatine should have just hired some private investigaters and he wouldn't have needed Order 66, just get all these Jedi fired on corruption charges! Such wasted potential. But I digress with another rant, I apologize.

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